Social Media Marketing & Management

There are over 3 BILLION social media users going into 2018, and almost an equal number are mobile social users. 95% of those who use Facebook are accessing it via mobile device. (Source: Hootsuite) This means that not only is social media is crucial for advertising, but for connecting and genuinely engaging with your customers in real-time, anywhere.

Product Research

Social media continues to be a source for product research, especially among younger users. With 2017’s trend of “fake news” and misinformation, consumers are shifting their trust in traditional sources to social influencers.

The Social Journey

From Instagram’s direct-shop feature to ordering a pizza via Twitter hashtag, the consumer social journey is much more diverse and intimate than ever before. Social media trends are showing that consumers go through several social interactions before a transaction is made.

Emerging Technology

With voice search and image search technology integrated into mobile systems and apps, the consumer experience is changing rapidly. These search methods provide even more accessibility, making it easier for anyone to quickly research, engage, and shop online.

What do you want to get out of your social media campaign?

Start with a clear plan of action.

Benefits of having a social media marketing strategy

Increased awareness of your brand

Let your target audience get to know you and interact with you. Consistent social outreach through multiple social media channels keeps your brand fresh and visible to your existing followers while spreading awareness of your brand to new users.

Keep a consistent, up-to-date online presence

Merely reposting or retweeting content or adding hashtags won’t communicate a clear message to your followers. Show you’re consistent in your voice across all social media channels as well as your website. Keep content fresh and current, as this helps with SEO – it keeps your website visible on search engines.

Build rapport with your followers

Having a consistent voice through all aspects of your online presence encourages users to trust your message. Building rapport takes time. Keep in mind, you’re not trying to gain a mass number of followers or Likes. You want to create a lasting relationship with your followers who will be loyal customers.

Drive traffic to your website

Having a ton of followers won’t do much good if they’re passive followers. Engage users through your social media channels and drive them to your website. Ask questions, provide fun challenges, encourage content shares.

Grow your community

Sure, you want to keep your existing followers coming back time and again, but you also want to grow your community. Use smart, interactive campaigns to attract attention. Give your community something to share with other like-minded users.

Make that transaction (aka Conversion)

Of course, you’re interested in making that transaction. Whether it’s selling a product or service or gaining sponsorships and advertisers, you’ll want to include social media ads in your campaign.

The Process

We’ll have an initial meeting to discuss and review your marketing objectives. Based on the information gathered from the meeting, we’ll develop a content strategy outlining your objectives and key elements to a successful campaign: target audience, your voice (tone), messaging, and any image/video/audio assets that communicate the value of your brand.

Once you approve this strategy plan, we’ll create a monthly content calendar of planned posts. Your plan’s performance will be monitored and analyzed monthly, so we can adjust as needed.

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