A logo is the anchor of your brand.  Great branding starts with a clear, concise logo and radiates outward.  It communicates who you are:  Your ideals, your goals,  and your commitment to your product or service.  Your logo communicates via a single image.  It represents you across languages and demographics.  Your branding strategy starts with this logo, leading into print collateral and advertising.

This is why we believe your time and budget should make logo design a priority.  We also believe this is why designing your logo from scratch is important.

How we work:


Design Consultation

Most clients are separated by geography, but this does not hinder the collaboration process. Email, phone calls, or even video chat has served us well for consultation. If you have an idea for your logo, whether it is a description, rough sketch, or even a photo – we can discuss how to bring your idea together with sound design. If you are starting from scratch we can discuss your company’s background and goals. If discussing via email, we will send you a short survey that will help identify your core message for branding.


Design Phase

Starting with the ideas and notes we get back from our discussion, we research competitors and sketch out rough designs. We take these sketches and check to make sure it is a truly unique design (sometimes, it happens without conscious attempt). Initial sketches are sent to you for feedback, and with this information we can focus on one design. The design is then taken to the digital stage, where color schemes and images are created.


Presentation Phase

This is when we send you the selected design with some variations. Most of the time, a variation is chosen and we tweak minor details (if any) as indicated by our client. Sometimes it’s a slight change in color or perhaps the client decides to add a tagline. We love to collaborate with you and value your input. After all, the logo represents you. We want you to be happy and proud of your logo!