I am an independent media designer & social web marketer.
My studio specializes in brand identity design, social media content creation, and SEO. As an independent designer, I work with startups, small businesses, and independent artists who are looking to elevate their brand to the next level, but also large businesses who need a refresh or new identity.

Do any of these themes sound like you? If so, we are likely to be a great match.


You’re a startup or launching a new business empire and need a brand identity that will not just WOW the socks off of partners and investors, but communicate that you are on a serious venture to be a huge success.


Perhaps you found a logo you really really like on one of those 99-dollar logo sites… no judging (but really, please don’t buy from ready-made logo sites)… You paid for the logo but you need stationery, uniforms, banners, labels, etc.


Maybe you focused all your energy into the business launch, while your brand & story took the sidelines. Perhaps you started a branding project but things fell through or your direction changed. Let’s showcase what sets you apart from the rest!

Spa Day!

You’re a small or large established business and things have changed. Times have changed. You need an update or whole new identity to reflect where you’ve been and where you’re going. (Congrats on your success!)


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